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1960’s (cont’d)
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6025 - Johnny Seven O.M.A.(One Man Army)
6319 - Johnny Eagle Lieutenant
6327 - Johnny Eagle Magumba
6505 - Secret Sam
6513 Crime Buster
6700 - Johnny Toymaker
2000 - Suzy Homemaker Washer
2001 - Suzy Homemaker Oven
2017 - Suzy Homemaker Grill
2005 - Suzy Homemaker Mixer
2017 - Suzy Homemaker Popcorn Popper
By the late 60’s the company had moved away from the Grocery stores, and into the Toy stores.  This led to the use of the “Topper” name for toys released at this time.  Packages became more detailed with greater use of photography and color to compete on store shelves with toys from Hasbro, Ideal, Marx, Mattel, and Remco.  The late 60’s featured cars and guns for boys, and dolls and appliances for girls.
6090 - Johnny Astro
1960ís cont